Boarding the BusGet Around Chino Valley and Prescott.
It’s easy on Yavapai Regional Transit.

Yavapai Regional Transit provides local bus service with Chino Valley on Mondays & Wednesdays, and regional bus service connecting Chino Valley and Prescott on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.

Yavapai Regional Transit


Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays only

Bus Stop LocationMorning BusMid Day BusAfternoon Bus
C.V. Senior Center8:00 am12:32 pm1:00 pm
C.V. Safeway8:10 am12:23 pm1:10 pm
C.V. Maverik8:20 am12:14 pm1:20 pm
Prescott Wal-Mart **8:45 am11:49 am1:45 pm
Prescott YRMC8:55 am11:40 am1:55 pm
Yavapai College9:07 am11:28 am2:07 pm
Gateway Mall9:19 am11:16 am2:19 pm
C.V. Maverik9:45 am10:50 am2:45 pm
C.V. Safeway9:54 am10:39 am2:54 pm
C.V. Library / Senior Center10:03 am10:30 am3:03 pm


Mondays & Wednesdays only

Bus Stop LocationFirst BusMinutes Past HourLast Bus
Senior Center8:00 am:001:00 pm
Walgreens8:04 am:041:04 pm
Medical Center8:10 am:101:10 pm
Maverik8:16 am:161:16 pm
American Legion8:19 am:191:19 pm
Rd 1N & Cactus Wren8:24 am:241:24 pm
Bottlebrush & Ken Lane8:33 am:331:33 pm
Safeway & Post Office8:37 am:371:37 pm
Del Rio & Foster8:42 am:421:42 pm
Alco8:48 am:481:48 pm
Library / Senior Center8:50 am:501:50 pm


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