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Help Yavapai Regional Transit, and enjoy a tax credit for the 2017 tax year!

Yavapai Regional Transit is now a Qualifying Charitable Organization. Donate NOW and receive a TAX CREDIT on your Arizona 2017 Income tax. Your donation will provide mobility and independence to residents of the Tri-City area.

Yavapai Regional Transit has made it possible for me to live independently, going to the store, my doctor, or to visit friends. My neighbor uses the transit to get to work several days a week. It is so important for people like me who are older, or have a disability, to be able to get around on our own. – – Alice, age 61.

I used to be able to drive to Yavapai College, but recent changes in my health make it no longer possible. I’m excited to be able to use the bus to get to classes at YC, 5 days a week. I’ll be finishing my degree soon, and am looking forward to continuing to use Yavapai Regional Transit for transportation. – David, age 30

How the TAX CREDIT Works.  It’s Easy! And anyone who pays Arizona State Income Tax is qualified.

  • Give to Yavapai Regional Transit.
    • Mail your donation to PO Box 1157, Chino Valley, AZ
    • Give up to $400 as an individual or $800 as a couple
  • Yavapai Regional Transit sends you a Thank You letter acknowledging your gift and the amount do When you file your state income tax return, report your gift, as well as the dollar amount of your donation, to the Department of Revenue on Form 321, available on the Arizona Department of Revenue website or from your tax preparer.

More questions? Check out the Arizona Department of Revenue website here, or ask your tax professional.