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We recently received this thank you letter from riders on our Paulden Plunge bus and members of the Paulden Foundation. We love that we can make a difference.

Working with local community organizations like the Chino Valley Lions, Chino Valley Lioness, and Antelope Garden Club, we were able to gather donations of 32 new towels for the kids.

The letter:

June 32, 2018,

To Our Wonderful Supporters,

We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful gift of towels for the children of the Paulden Plunge program. The generous donations of money, time, and gifts such as the towels have made this such an excellent program for the families of Paulden. I wish that everyone of you could hear from the parents their heartfelt appreciation for everything that is being done for their children.

We just wanted you to know how much we all appreciate your thoughtfulness and gifts. We thought you might enjoy this picture of a few of the chilren with their towels. Thank you again!

Signed: Terri McPherson, Jane Anderson, Payten, Travis, Zaelyn, Jason, Tiana, Haley, Madyson, Ronin, Sean, Ty.

Paulden Plunge Towel Donation