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Gold and Green Routes - Chino Valley and Prescott

  • This page includes information about the Gold and Green Routes.
  • Looking for Red and Blue route information?  You can see that here.

TRANSFERS: You can ride the Gold Route to Safeway in Chino Valley and make a NO COST transfer to the Green, Red or Blue route. When you return on the Green, Red or Blue Route, you can transfer to the Gold Route at Safeway at NO COST to return home.

Printable schedule, map, and information is available at the bottom of this page.


Gold Route Schedule:

  • Chino Valley local service.
  • Runs Monday thru Friday.
CV Senior Center7:55 am:554:55 pm
WalgreensRequest Stop:00Request Stop
CV Safeway*8:04 am:045:04 pm
YRMC Medical CenterRequest StopRequest Stop
CV MaverikRequest Stop:12Request Stop
American Legion8:16 am:165:16 pm
Rd 1 N and Cactus Wren8:23 am:235:23 pm
Bottlebrush and Ken Drive8:28 am:285:28 pm
CV Safeway*8:33 am:335:33 pm
Del Rio and FosterRequest Stop:38Request Stop
Dollar Tree / Family Med Center8:44 am:445:44 pm
CV LibraryRequest StopRequest Stop
CV Senior Center8:48 am:485:48 pm

* Transfer to or from the Green Route.


 Green Route Schedule:

  • Chino Valley to Prescott.
  • Runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Green Route Trips 1 & 3

CV Safeway8:10 am
1:10 pm
CV MaverikRequest StopRequest Stop
Walmart - Gail Gardner8:43 am1:43 pm
Courthouse Plaza8:57 am1:57 pm
Yavapai College9:06 am2:06 pm
VA - OutpatientRequest StopRequest Stop
Gateway Mall9:23 am2:23 pm
CV MaverikRequest StopRequest Stop
CV Safeway*9:49 am2:49 pm

Green Route Trips 2 & 4

CV Safeway*10:45 am
3:45 pm
CV MaverikRequest StopRequest Stop
Gateway Mall11:24 am4:24 pm
VA - OutpatientRequest StopRequest Stop
Yavapai College11:37 am4:37 pm
Courthouse Plaza11:45 am4:45 pm
Walmart - Gail Gardner11:59 am4:59 pm
CV MaverikRequest StopRequest Stop
CV Safeway*12:29 pm5:29 pm**

* Transfer to or from the Gold Route.
** Bus will deviate to drop passengers as needed within Chino Valley.

Print a PDF Flyer and Visual Route Map

Gold Green Route

Request Stops

Passengers may also arrange to be dropped off and picked up at four additional locations in Prescott:

  • Fry’s Willow Creek
  • YRMC West Campus
  • Walmart Hwy 69
  • Yavapai Casino
  • The Crossings

Please call dispatch (928-636-3602) the prior business day to arrange for request service. Your bus driver may be able to make a request stop without prior arrangement, but only if there is sufficient time in the schedule.

Curb-to-Curb Service / Deviations

Yavapai Regional Transit provides ADA curb-to-curb, wheelchair lift equipped bus service for individuals with mobility limitations who reside within the 1-mile route deviation zone in Chino Valley and the 1/4-mile route deviation zone in Prescott and Prescott Valley, but are unable to access the bus stop. This service requires a 24-hour advance reservation. In order to request this deviated service, the rider MUST contact the YRT Dispatcher at 928-636-3602 before 5 PM the day before the trip so it can be scheduled onto the following day’s route.