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Give The Gift of Mobility and Independence

Keep Yavapai Moving Forward

Thank you for giving the gift of mobility and independence, and keeping your Arizona income tax dollars local. A donation to Yavapai Regional Transit will qualify for an Arizona State Tax Credit under the Charitable Organization Tax Credit rules. The maximum amount allowed is up to $400 for individuals filing separately and up to $800 for couples filing jointly. Please consult your tax professional for complete details on the Arizona Charitable Organization Tax Credit.

What is a tax credit? Tax credits are designed to  be beneficial to the economy, the environment, or to further any purpose the government deems important. A tax credit means you can select a qualifying non-profit organization, or several kinds of schools/programs, that you like to support and can make a gift directly to them instead of sending money to the State of Arizona.

What is the difference between a tax credit and a deduction?

  • Tax credits are a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your taxes.
  • Tax deductions only reduce the amount of your income that is subject to tax.

How it works (an example):

  • Let’s say you owe $1000 for your AZ income taxes.
  • As a couple filing jointly, you donate ($800) to your favorite local qualified charities.
  • Than you only owe Arizona the balance of $200 on your Arizona income taxes.


NOTE: Making a gift to Yavapai Regional Transit does not prevent you from supporting other worthy programs and schools. For more information on the Arizona Tax Credit, go to or

Your donation helps your neighbors…

Yavapai Transit has been a valuable and important resource that I have utilized since 2012. Because I am disabled I am not able to drive, so with the shuttle having wheelchair accessibility it has allowed me to be able to do things such as go to school, shopping, and just getting out of the house.

More importantly the transit system has given me a sense of independence. Since they have expanded the Green route to 5 days a week and four trips a day, this is allowed me to have more flexibility when setting a schedule such as school shopping and many other activities. All of the staff is friendly, reliable, and I always feel safe because they make sure that safety is always first. Finally I do not know what I would do without the use of this valuable service.

– David

Donate Now. Help us keep Yavapai County moving forward! Yavapai Regional Transit thanks you, and the people who rely on this valuable service thank you.

Donate now.  Help us keep Yavapai County moving forward!

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